Purchase Management

Faster, Smarter & Easier 

Automated Purchase Rules Makes It Hassle Free To Restocking Your Inventory,
Closing Tenders & Managing Sales Conditions

Clean And Fast

  • Modern User Interface

  • Control Vendor Bills

  • Purchase Tenders

  • Blanket Order Agreement

OdooERP.ae • Purchase Tenders
OdooERP.ae • Requests For Quotations

Requests For Quotations

  • Create RFQs For Your Suppliers

  • Send Requests Through The Post Or By Email

  • Get Offers For Multiple Items

  • Personalize Your Message

  • Automate The Process

Manage orders

  • Monitor RFQs And Orders

  • Manage Incoming Products

  • Automate Ordering

OdooERP.ae • Reordering Rules
OdooERP.ae • Customer Invoices

Manage Invoicing

  • Create Drafts

  • Control Future Orders

  • Handle Internal Moves

Handle Products

  • Create Products

  • Add Supplier Reference

  • Add Product Variants

  • Define Procurement Rules

  • Ideal Search Filters

  • Units Of Measure

  • Check Stock And Availability

  • Specify Storage Location

  • Create Sale Conditions

  • Add POS And Website Specifications

  • Include Accounting Rules

OdooERP.ae • Product Variants
OdooERP.ae • Inventory Forecasts

Analyse And Forecast

  • Dashboards

  • Inventory Forecasts

Multi Company Rules

  • Automatic Reconciliation Between Companies

  • One Odoo Environment For Multiple Companies

OdooERP.ae • Reconciliation Between Companies