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Your customers are also the assets of your business, persuading a consumer in recent days to purchase a company’s goods or services have become harder. The costs associated with the critical customer acquisition process is a vital measure for a business to evaluate, in addition to how much value each client ordinarily brings to the business.

Online acquisition marketing is a critical aspect that drives media spend, online marketing strategies & promotional activities set or planned by any business. 

Social commerce, content and new media are converting the methods and means that the marketers reach & how they engage with new or existing customers.  With constant dynamic changes & personalized customer preferences, in today's world marketers are constantly required to be coherent to their targeted audience needs & preferences. That being said with the new social analytics & eCommerce analytics provided the marketer can dig for more value per lead. Therefore, increase conversions & influence brand preferences.

Odoo’s Online Acquisition techniques are built specially for you.

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5 Key Sections

It takes 5 key steps to form a well balanced acquisition plan 

1. What's your position in the market?

Before launching your acquisition strategy, it's a vital step to survey where your association or company is positioned within its targeted segments, knowing where you stand is the first step to move forward.

Areas to consider:

  • What's your unique selling point.

  • Know your audience, who is your target audience. 

  • Know your competitors.

Our Odoo Module Keeps Your SMART Acquisition Plan On Track.

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Objectives & Audiences

2. Objectives

To build any successful strategy, it's important that objectives are laid out for what you are looking to achieve and why. To make these realistic, Odoo would recommend that they're created using the SMART approach (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).

3. Know Your Audience

With our module configuration we give you a better understanding of your customers' history and the type of targeted audience that you plan to attract. All of this is done through Odoos’ online CRM that we provide professional services for.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Tactics & Performance Measures 

4. Choosing The Right Acquisition Tactics

We help you construct the best online acquisition tactic that fits your company and your customers.

5. Monitor Performance

Measure – The objective is to drive increased visits to site. So all approaches listed will be measuring visit referral traffic during the campaign.

Monitor – How will the reporting be conducted e.g. weekly or monthly for the period?

Manage – Who will be overseeing all reporting and assessing the overall campaign? Providing feedback to the rest of your team is also essential.

Our Odoo Module Gives You In-depth Insight For

Choosing The Correct Tactics 

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Features We offer that Integrate With Lead Nurturing:

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Manage sales from a central point. Keeping every aspect of the sales funnel clean organized & calculated. Never miss on a potential lead closure again. Invoicing purchase orders & sales in a click

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 Analytical information about your inventory is now easier than it was. With simple configurations you can track, manage, check & even trigger delivery orders & statuses. Pushing Procurement request with automation. 

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Email Marketing

Its no longer a hassle to manage and customize emails to the preferences of the audience. Now with smart email marketing options you can template campaigns for certain groups to be triggered from you website 

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Create campaigns to collect engage with prospects & leads with ease. Drive your audience & convert them from prospect to your sales funnel with ease.

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URL Tracking

Guessing what your audience prefers is past tense. Now you can get reports that makes you understand your audiences behavior in a more detailed manner. Driving you where your audience like to engage for more conversions.