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Sales pipeline is, how to manage it, with the different stages, best practices, how to optimize your sales pipeline, and the ways to manage your pipeline and team most effectively.

A sales pipeline is a visual illustration of the sales process, being divided into stages, it is designed to assist sales rep,  and team to better manage and the usual complex processes that drive deals to close.

Sales pipelines have been in use for a long time, however managing them properly can be an elusive goal.

To make them effective, sales leaders need to possess an aggregate of real-world experience, detailed design, and willingness to alternate and adapt.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

The Bottom Line

The bottom line on sales pipelines really is that the bottom line: effective management of them will increase revenue. in keeping with the Harvard Business Review, “Companies with effective pipeline management had a median rate of growth of 5.3, a 15%increase. Even more interestingly, corporations that mastered three specific pipeline practices saw 28% higher revenue growth.” Those three practices are:

1- Having a clearly defined sales process

2- Spending time on the method

3- Training sales managers in pipeline strategies and techniques.

Why Integrate Sales Pipelines?

Having a sales pipeline integrated and managed is carried out for other reasons, too:

-More Accurate Forecasting: Pipelines provide a sight into each sales rep’s activity, how close they are to making quota, and in the aggregate, how near or far the entire team is from meeting the target quota. Using that information generated by the sales team, it’s easier to provide 30, 60, and 90 day (or beyond) revenue forecasting. Knowing what and when you’ll be closing sales is critical to other company departments like finance, operations, and manufacturing.

-Targeted Resource Allocation: By understanding where you are at each pipeline stage for each customer or opportunity, we can take the  steps for you to allocate resources to help close business. 

-More Effective Sales Team Management: Behind each stage there are actions to complete in order to successfully end that stage and keep the opportunity moving through the pipeline. Tracking key metrics frequently means that sales managers can identify and ease challenges for each rep before they impede sales.

-Increased Deal Velocity: If it’s taking too long to move opportunities from stage to stage, tracking data will make that apparent. For example, let’s say your annual sales goals per sales person is $5,000,000. If 50% of your sales team has reached $1,000,000 in sales six months into the sales year, it means you should take a look at individual performance, and take steps to make improvements based on the data we’ve collected with you.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

Sales Pipeline Stages

Identifying sales stages is nothing new. In 1887, John H. Patterson drove sales by training his National Cash Register (NCR) sales team. He used his Primer that divided every sale into four stages: approach, proposition, demonstration, and close.

The number of stages in a pipeline has increased since the 1960s into some variation of these five stages, based on the company’s selling process as shown in the image to the left

Our Odoo Module Lets You control The Degree Of Relative Data Quantity To The Actual True Value.

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