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OdooERP.ae - Supporting MENA Companies

Supporting MENA Companies

We provide consulting services for companies searching for a better solution of business management.

We Also provide training to help support your staff to be self sustaining with the implemented system & it's services. 

OdooERP.ae - Serving All Industries

Serving All Industries

Not only do we offer support for MENA based companies but we specialise in almost every business sector.

It is our goal to strive towards shaping a better business economy by supporting servicing companies in every industry.

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Start by scheduling a meeting at your convenience, to better evaluate how we can service your company to make it more efficient.

Our Service Range

Turnkey Projects

Whether you're a customer oriented business or a product oriented one, our range of past project experience has allowed us the ability to provide you with a good to go package. 

Consulting Services

It's our pleasure passing wisdom forward. As we have endured many years collecting it, we strive to pass it forward to better your business interest & operations.


A building with stable & solid infrastructure is a lasting one, which eventually makes it a valuable one. We focus our efforts on providing a strong configuration that will last with the course of time.


There is always that differentiated part of your business that allows you to have a competitive edge, we consider that as the exponential factor for each business. With each unique factor we build our models around it to keep those factors intact or even increase their value.


We will not allow ourselves to disrupt your business activities. That is our core value. We find the most efficient way to better your business processes without disrupting your day to day business.


We nourish, maintain & sustain. Those are the core values we promise to an owner when we train a team or an individual.


Our dedicated engineering team is always on standby to serve your needs. We train our team for efficiency & optimality to better support your business needs.